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Irish dynamite Wallis Bird’s expressive vocals and driving guitar rhythms are being compared to artists like Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple or the young Janis Joplin. Her exceptional voice moves from delicate whispers to explosive power songs, while her music fuses elements of traditional folk music, blues and funk with an energetic handmade rock sound.   Now based in Berlin, in the last 7 years Bird has played over 600 shows in Europe and won two Irish Music Awards (Meteor award).  Her refreshingly honest, passion and self-effacing manner has endeared her to audiences worldwide.

“Frank and endearingly tender, a tsunami of emotion… Magnificent.”
“The sheer visceral energy of Wallis Bird could kick-start an entire economy.”
~ Irish Times
“It’s her humour and bold honesty that makes Bird so special.”
~ The Guardian, UK